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What is La Peseta PTAS?

The digital La Peseta (PTAS) is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) project created on the Binance Smart Chain network with one main purpose:

    -Be used as a daily payment method, alternative to the euro or dollar.


The main objective is to be able to use the digital La Peseta (PTAS) as a form of payment on a day-to-day basis between businesses, individuals or companies, thanks to the small commission applied by the Binance Smart Chain network, normally a few cents. Payments between decentralized wallets such as trust wallet or metamask, make it possible to make a transfer in just a few clicks.


The traditional peseta was the official currency of the Spanish government before the euro. Even today, it is still present in the minds of many people in Spain and around the world.

Therefore, the possibility of reusing the digital La Peseta (PTAS) as a digital asset will revolutionize the financial market.

Tokenomic system

Tokenomic system


5% transaction fee per purchase.

7% transaction fee per sale.

Distribution of 7% of sale

- Distribution of 3% to Holders.

- Distribution of 3% to the liquidity Pool.

- Distribution of 1% to project wallet.

Distribution of 5% purchase

- Distribution of 2% to Holders.

- Distribution of 2% to the liquidity Pool.

- Distribution of 1% to project wallet.

Distribution in dollars

The distribution of rewards to holders is in dollars.


By adding the USDT Bep20 token, they will receive the USDT automatically in the Trust Wallet or Metamask wallets.

Investment strategies and objectives.

Before creating the project we were studying the market, the potential they have as a project and all the possibilities we have when it comes to moving forward with new objectives.

From listings in Exchange, integration of the currency in payment platforms, integration in NFT games or using the Iota (Internet of All Things) protocol, etc.

We believe that the project is much more than a form of payment, so we are working hard to comply with future national and international regulations.

Project with a Patent from the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM)


Years of experience


Holders in centralized and decentralized exchange


Supply Total


Decentralized and Centralized Markets


Listed platforms

Our partners


Project roadmap

Discover step by step all the programming and growth developments of the La Peseta project (PTAS) in the medium and long term.

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