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Strategy and objectives

 Before creating the project we were studying the market, the potential they have as a project and all the possibilities we have when it comes to moving forward with new objectives. From listings in Exchange, integration of the currency in payment platforms, integration in NFT games or using the Iota (Internet of All Things) protocol, etc.


We believe that the project is much more than a form of payment, so we are working hard to comply with future international regulations.


For any investor after a market research, we believe that it has incredible exponential growth, due to its low supply. 

With the new contract, liquidity in the pool has become a very important objective, in order to guarantee its long-term use.

Another medium-term objective is to expand liquidity in other pairs and build bridges in other networks.

This project is not created to be speculated, since its true value is to be used as a form of payment PTAS & PTAS without being traded.

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